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Magical Cooking

Did you ever experience making the same recipe twice, following the exact instructions, and getting 2 totally different results? Or can you recall a time when you tasted food and could tell that the cook was in a good/bad mood while cooking it? Learn to create or change the mood of a meal as you discover how to put healing and magic into your meals.

Mayan Healing

Learn a variety of healing techniques in this fascinating class. Gain awareness of fundamental truths that unite us all as you explore the core elements of the Mayan Curandero tradition.


Examine the original cause and core issues of melanoma as well as the energetic expression of the disease. Receive techniques that will deliver the Bio-Energetic nutrition necessary to help patients/clients make new choices that will shift the energy of this troublesome condition.

“Minimal”—The Ultimate Alphabet

Learn to write energetic prescriptions in “minimal,” an energetic healing alphabet with maximum power created by elestial (beyond celestial) beings. Use this alphabet to refine the brain, soul, and energies of your patients/clients to activate complex synergies of being.

Miracle Infusion

Learn to see beyond the five senses and gain a deeper awareness of self, others, and Spirit. Discover which thoughts create miracles and which thoughts block them in this inspiring and enlightening class.

Miracles in the Palm of Your Hand

Gain a deeper understanding of the art of healing and the potential we all possess. Learn to see beyond your five senses and explore what thoughts create miracles as you move into a deeper awareness of self, others, and Spirit.

Miracles of Healing

Explore the phenomenon of healing miracles. Discover how to create space and facilitate miracles for yourself and your clients/patients as you clear away your obstacles to success.

Miracles of Light—Directing Life Force Healing

Know the power, depth, and subtlety of using light to heal and transform yourself and others. Learn how to use light to dissolve pain, disease energies, and emotional distress and create new vital life in your patients/clients.

Miscarriage and Abortion Resolution Class

Learn to recognize the energy of unresolved issues around abortion and miscarriage. Discover how to facilitate the healing process at a soul level so that they may forgive and move on.

Mobius Initiation

Receive the teachings which will enable you to change the results of certain actions in your life. Your ability and capacity to hold concepts and energies will increase dramatically, making it easier and faster for you to assimilate and integrate information.

Modulating and Volume Strands of DNA

This class explains, energizes, and creates space for these specific DNA strands to be anchored in the energy body. Learn the ancient names and secret codes of these strands and discover which strands impact your life and which strands will cause challenges to your energy field.

Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis

Harness the power of suggestion for the purpose of healing and positive transformation. Discover a non- manipulative way to bring your patients/clients into light trance states where they may access the dimensions that will most support them in reaching their goals.

Multi-Faceted Healing

Like a brilliant diamond, the best healings are multifaceted. We so easily recognize the issues that represent the top face of the diamond and yet we overlook the smaller facets below that bring light to the surface. Discover what you have been missing as you explore the broader spectrum of healing.

Multiple Sclerosis

Explore the core issues typically associated with this disease as you discover techniques to help clients shift their thoughts and behaviors. Learn to hold the vibrational frequencies necessary to help patients/clients with this disease clear and repair the disruptions in their energy fields so that the healing process can begin.

Muscular System

Explore the energy of the muscular system and receive Bio-Energetic tools for shifting this energy into a state of greater health. Learn to recognize how muscular energy is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and gain insights into how imbalances in this energy can affect multiple areas of one’s life.

Mysteries of the Egg

Eggs are miracles from which new energies are born. Learn healing and divinatory/diagnostic techniques that can be performed with a simple egg in these powerful ancient shamanic practices.

Mystical Healing

Explore with Starr this powerful self-healing technique which is also effective on others. Discover how to travel to the core of the dis-ease or issue and unwind it into a healing pathway of light that reveals the truth stemming from direct communion with ultimate reality.


Expand your knowledge of narcolepsy as you consider the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beliefs and behaviors that fuel this disease. Learn energetic techniques to help your patients/clients deactivate their unhealthy patterns, as well as practical action steps you can recommend to support their healing process.

Nervous System

Explore the energy of the nervous system and receive Bio-Energetic tools for shifting this energy into a state of greater health. Learn to recognize how nerve energy is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and gain insights into how imbalances in this energy can affect multiple areas of one’s life.

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Guide to teacher certification

The process of acquiring teacher certification for our classes depends on the individual subjects. Prospective teachers are typically required to meet the basic requirement of attending the same class twice (preferably with two different teachers) to demonstrate sufficient content knowledge and competency in the subject matter they teach.

However, some of the more complex classes (e.g Dimensional Mastery) require prospective teachers to undergo apprenticeship for additional training. Certification for these classes is at the discretion of the teacher which go beyond core subject-matter competencies. The intent here is to ensure that teachers demonstrate a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to be certified.