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Universal Laws

Go beyond The Secret as you explore the 105 Universal laws. Discover which are most at play in your life and learn to consciously work with those that will most support you in your current path.

Untangling and Mending the Web

Each soul weaves a web of connections to memories, people, events, and lives that we have experienced. Each connection interacts with our present life to serve the soul’s purpose of leading us through and to the light. Discover how to mend and heal the web to help the soul move forward without getting stuck in the same lesson over and over again.

Untold Healings

Some of the most powerful healings are done subtly, privately, and even secretly. Examine your motives as a healer as you discover how to sneak healing in at the most unlikely moments and in the most surprising places.

Urinary System

Expand your knowledge of the urinary system as you consider the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual beliefs and behaviors that fuel urinary disease. Learn energetic techniques to help your patients/clients deactivate their unhealthy patterns, as well as practical action steps you can recommend to support their healing process.

Velcro Relationships

Explore the dynamic of co-dependency with a special emphasis on how it relates to disease. Discover cutting edge tools to help your patients/clients break free from the codependent relationships that keep them sick and unwell.

Verbal Dancing—The Art of Saying Nothing

Expand and enhance your communication skills by knowing when to remain silent. Learn to create the space the healee needs in order to discover his or her own truth that will lead to the deep healing he or she truly desires.

Vow Removal

Vows we made in past lives we often carry on into our present incarnation. Discover which vows are still active for you and learn a process for rescinding them and replacing them with new, more appropriate energies to support your current goals.

The Wave

Learn how to ride the healing wave to enhance the power of your healing sessions. Identify when to channel more energy and when to allow space for integration within the healing session.

Walk Your Talk

Talk is cheap without the follow through of action steps. Examine the areas of your life where you fail to put your words into action. Receive an energetic boost to jumpstart your follow through and bring your communication into alignment with truth.

What You Resist Persists

Identify the energies in your life that have been perpetuated through your resistance to them. Discover how to embrace these energies and work with them without resistance for greater peace of mind and overall transformation.

White Color Class

Discover new ways to work with the enlightened connection energy of the color white through herbs, gemstones, and dietary recommendations. Learn to emanate this color energetically to your patients/clients and explore which conditions best respond to this healing energy.

When Lightning Strikes—Dealing with Sudden Change

Examine why sudden, life-changing events occur out of the blue. Learn energetic ways to better handle these occurrences in your own life as well as how to support others in their unexpected crises.

When My Ship Comes In

Learn more effective ways to co- create the reality you desire. Discover the action steps necessary to actualize your dreams. Receive energetic support and adjustments to move you to a place where you are able to meet your ship.

Why Aren't I Here?

Many who have suffered trauma in their lives tend to pull most of their energy out of their physical body and disconnect from the present moment. Learn to identify when this behavior is occurring and discover techniques to pull yourself and your patients/clients back in to themselves NOW.

Wizard’s Closet

Choose from a multitude of dimensional tools that change and control energy to improve your life. Movements from Indonesia, chants from Korea, knots from the pygmies, smoke from the Curanderos, and drawings from the Africans are presented. Quick and easy techniques that move you through your emotions and fears are included.

Women’s Empowerment

Discover the spaces and places in your life where you have allowed your gender to hold you back. Break through the energy of old belief systems and discover the power that exists in your femininity.

Woman's Rituals

Experience the healing and empowerment of these rituals that are for women only. Learn the rules for performing these rituals yourself for your own circle of friends so that they, too, may celebrate their Divine womanhood.

Words that Heal

Discover the power of the word with this set of healing words which, when uttered, carry healing to the heart and mind of the patient or client. These words create space for the healing to occur, allowing the client to let down their defenses so that they are more open to the healing process.

Working with the Light

Amplify your healing abilities by receiving the powerful Beba light vibration, one of the energies of the Seven Lost Lights. Fill spaces inside you that are empty and need support and learn to recognize where you are struggling and in pain.

Worn Sneakers—The Faster I Go, the Longer it Takes

Are you always in a hurry, tripping yourself up at every other turn because you were rushing? Learn to slow down and go with the flow so that you are more likely to be in the right place at the right time as you enjoy the Divine order of the ALL that IS.

Yellow Color Class

Discover new ways to work with the clarifying energy of the color yellow through herbs, gemstones, and dietary recommendations. Learn to emanate this color energetically to your patients/clients and explore which conditions best respond to this healing energy.

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Guide to teacher certification

The process of acquiring teacher certification for our classes depends on the individual subjects. Prospective teachers are typically required to meet the basic requirement of attending the same class twice (preferably with two different teachers) to demonstrate sufficient content knowledge and competency in the subject matter they teach.

However, some of the more complex classes (e.g Dimensional Mastery) require prospective teachers to undergo apprenticeship for additional training. Certification for these classes is at the discretion of the teacher which go beyond core subject-matter competencies. The intent here is to ensure that teachers demonstrate a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to be certified.