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Gems and Minerals

Energy from gems and stones, like colors, can enlighten, motivate, energize, and empower your patients/clients. Explore the powerful properties of these mysterious and miraculous gifts of nature.

Get a Life

Many of us are so busy DOING that we have ended up with Do-Do all over ourselves. As we step into mastery, the art of BEING becomes the foundation for contentment and realization.

Get Off of IT!

It is time to cease and desist the broken record thinking that interferes with your empowerment. Receive energetic corrections that will allow you and your patients/clients to break through the old programming that prevents you from achieving your goals.

Get Out of Your Own Way

Are you ready to stop tripping over your own feet and step into your power? Explore the blocks and patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals. Receive healing tools to break through what is not working in your life as well as the energetic boost and action steps necessary to propel you forward on your path.

Getting Started

Learn to connect with the four most powerful healing energies and forces. This is the foundation for all energetic healing work; the stronger your foundation, the more effective your results will be.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Learn about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit including Speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophecy, and healing. Receive the gifts that are most appropriate for you, as time allows.

God is a Vibration

Gain a new vocabulary for speaking about God in a way that is more easily accepted by the scientific and medical communities. Discover the true nature of the unifying force of the universe and expand your concept of God with this class that explores the fields of quantum physics and vibrational energy.

Golden Cloak

At the dawn of the dark ages, the magic of the sages was embedded in the language of mathematical and sacred so that the people would have it when they were ready. Unlock the secrets of this ancient knowledge as you discover how to work with them in practical, every-day situations.

Good God

Heal your relationship with God as you examine your limited thoughts and erroneous belief systems. Reframe your image of God and recreate your relationship with Him/Her as you establish a new partnership based on love and co-creative support and service.

Grail Magic

Unlock the secret of the Holy Grail with this High Magic technique that is especially effective for assisting in the energetic healing of disease and core issues. This healing method can be performed discreetly at a distance without the patient’s/client’s conscious knowledge as long as the practitioner’s intention is aligned with the highest good of all.


Gratitude seeds miracles. Explore the power of gratitude and discover where it is lacking in your life. Experience more joy in your life as you discover how to shift your attitude to gratitude.

Green Color Class

Discover new ways to work with the healing energy of the color green through herbs, gemstones, and dietary recommendations. Learn to emanate this color energetically to your patients/clients and explore which conditions best respond to this particular vibration.

Green Magic

The color green contains healing, magical, and transformational energies. This powerful high magic technique harnesses the energy of green and directs it to any area of your life that you are ready to shift.


Explore the particular energy signatures we all leave behind as we go about our day to day existence. Learn how to consciously transform your reality by leaving grids of a higher vibration as you perform your daily routines.

Grids of Light

Raise the vibration of the light signatures you emanate. Discover how to pull greater quantities of light through you as you heal yourself and improve the world around you. This class is for lightworkers at all levels of experience.


Explore the dynamics of grief as it affects the physical body and the energy body. Learn emotional healing techniques to help your friends, family, patients and clients move through the pain to love, light, and hope.

Group Energy

Explore the energy dynamics that occur when a group of people come together. Learn to work with this energy to support the group and engender teamwork. This class is especially important for teachers and counselors.


Growth occurs at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Examine the dynamics of growth identify what blocks its progress. Learn how you can ease the growing process and facilitate greater health and well-being.


The energy of guilt is an insidious poison that causes dis- ease in the physical and mental bodies and blocks our light and our love in the emotional and spiritual bodies. Learn how to heal this energy for yourself, your friends and family, your patients and clients for improved health and well-being.

Hands-On Healing

As children we touched our friends’ “booboos” to make them better and as parents, we do the same with our own children. Reconnect with your innate hands-on healing abilities as you receive the energetic boost that will activate your hands to become stronger channels for greater quantities of healing energy.

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony

There is one single night of the year that the energies of the moon meet with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical youthing can occur. From the heart of Africa, the ancient and sacred ritual of being with the energies of the moon and earth has been passed on. Join in this sacred ceremony for turning back the clock of aging. Allow the powers of youthing to welcome you once again.

Healing Addictions

Explore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Receive energetic tools for helping your clients identify and heal the core issue behind their dis-ease. Learn how to literally thump the addiction out of someone when they are ready to heal.

Healing Clinic

Practice your skills with patients/clients in a clinic setting and receive valuable feedback and observations from your peers. Work one on one with a teacher to discover your healing strengths and receive corrections to help you build up the areas where you are weak.

Healing for Beginners

Explore what it has meant to be a healer through the ages and what it means in modern times. Learn simple methods for working with healing energy that can be used as an effective complement to your current health practice.

Healing in Many Ways

There are numerous healing modalities. Some people respond better to one than another; others require a combination of methods. Increase your success rate by learning to identify the methods and combinations that will work best for your individual patients and clients.

Healing—Now or Later?

We all want healing now but not just a suppression of symptoms; we really want healing at the core. Learn to heal in an instant as you break through the ideas and beliefs that, up until now, have limited your results.

Healing Lights

Learn to emanate healing light to your patients and clients. This can be done as a formal hands-on technique. It also works as a subtle method that can be done during the interview process or while administering more traditional forms of medicine.

Healing on Purpose

Disease and injury can occur when one is out of alignment with one’s life path and soul purpose. Learn how to recognize when this is an issue for your patients/clients and learn how to help get them back on track so that the healing process can begin.

Healing our Hearts

The heart has four chambers that focus on four particular energies. These energies can become the fuel which propels us into success, or the breaks that slow us down. Enhance your healing practice and personal healing with the knowledge of how to work with these energies.

Healing Salves

Learn to make salves imbued with healing energy for a variety of dis-eases. Explore the properties of various ingredients as they relate to healing and learn the most affective ways to apply them.

Healing Sexual Abuse

Illusive, mysterious, and unknown, the symptoms of sexual abuse subtly influence relationships, feelings, and lives. Learn to identify this energy in your clients and patients. Discover ways to help them heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Healing the Energy of Incest

Explore the specific energies involved in incestuous sexual abuse. Learn to address and clear family issues and receive empowering tools to help you and those you care about heal and get on with their lives.

Healing the Inner Adolescent

Much work has been done focusing on the inner child while the inner adolescent has been neglected. Explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that become crystallized in adolescence and identify how these continue to play out in our lives. Receive energetic tools to shift these patterns for yourself, your patients, and your clients.

Healing the Mind

The mind has control issues that affect how we move through life and how we manifest in life. When we approach life from a state of thinking, we disconnect from Source and we detach from what we truly desire. Learn to move from a state of thinking to a state of pure thought and notice the difference this shift makes in your healing practice.

Healing through Holding

Emotions can become locked in the body due to traumas from childhood and later. Learn several variations on the holding technique to unlock repressed emotions and fill the energy body with appropriate new energetic frequencies. This is especially good for clients who are touch starved or who have abandonment issues.

Healing with Color

Each color of the spectrum (and beyond) has its own unique vibrational frequency that carries particular healing energies. Learn to work with these frequencies of color to strengthen the energy fields of your patients/clients and support their personal healing.

Healing with Light

Learn to identify dark, stale, diseased energy in your patients/clients. Discover how to pull various types of light through you with formal hands-on techniques as well as presence techniques that can be done in conjunction with allopathic methods.

Heart (4th) Chakra Class

The heart chakra is where the physical and spiritual meet in the body. Learn how you create energies that block or amplify the energies of the heart chakra so that you and your patients/clients can live a heart-centered life for greater well-being.

Higher Self

Strengthen your conscious connection with your higher self as you explore the energies that distract you from your purpose. Learn how to recognize when your higher and lower selves are out of alignment and discover how to bring them back together.

Hodgkin's Disease

Examine the original cause and core issues of Hodgkin’s disease as well as the energetic expression of the disease. Receive techniques that will deliver the Bio-Energetic nutrition necessary to help patients/clients make new choices that will shift the energy of this troublesome condition.

Holding the Light

Amplify your healing abilities by receiving the powerful Cura light vibration, one of the energies of the Seven Lost Lights. Learn how to share the light with others and how to connect your patients/clients to healing and prayer.


Explore the effects of home environment on health and well being. Learn ways to clear the energy of a home or office as well as individual pieces of furniture, antiques, etc.

How Miracles Occur

Discover and clear what is blocking you from the miracles that are your birthright. Explore the energies, actions, and thoughts that attract miracles as you multiply your ability to co-create your reality.

Hurry Up and Wait

Some people are always in a hurry; others spend too much time waiting for something to happen. Examine your relationship with time as it relates to your everyday life and as it relates to the bigger picture of all that is. Receive the energetic adjustments necessary to activate your conscious connection with divine timing so that you can gracefully flow with what is happening NOW.

I Want to Be a Healer

What holds you back from being the healer that you are? Explore obstacles on the healing path and discover new ways to connect to your wisdom and to the universe. Gain a new perspective and boost your confidence and trust in your healing abilities.

I'd Rather Be RIGHT Than Happy

Examine the patterns and conditions associated with the need to be right. Discover the many ways in which this energy can cause dis-ease in the body. Learn methods for clearing this energy for yourself, your patients and clients.

If You Name It You Can Heal It

The subconscious mind tells us how to heal a disease by showing the original cause in its name. Learn how words block and reveal secrets of healing and health and discover how to help your patients/clients claim health NOW.

Illusions & Grandeur

Often our difficulty manifesting our dreams stems from a misalignment of who we truly are with who or what we perceive ourselves to be. Identify the erroneous illusions and grandiose thinking that is holding you back from becoming who you truly want to be.

In the Spotlight

Amplify your healing abilities by receiving the powerful Hema light vibration, one of the energies of the Seven Lost Lights. Learn to expand the light to create presence and charisma so that you may better help your patients/clients.

In a Twinkling of an Eye: How Miracles Occur

Explore the force behind miraculous healings that occur in both allopathic and complementary medicine. Learn to connect with this force to co-create miracles with your patients/clients and to manifest them in your personal life as well.

In the Limelight

Amplify your healing abilities by receiving the powerful Shapo light vibration, one of the energies of the Seven Lost Lights. Create an ability to store and process light as you accent your strengths and powers.


Explore the core issues and their manifestations as they relate to incest. Discover how to support incest survivors in a way that empowers them and allows them to break through their role as victim.

Increasing My Impact

Follow the advice of Mahatma Gandhi as “Learn to be the change you want to see in the world.” Explore the energies that block the impact you have on others and receive an energetic boost to empowerment.

Infernal Meridian Healing

The body contains energy points where the axiatonal and acupuncture meridians meet and in between these points is an energetic field that can become stagnant, locked up, flowing, or empty. Learn to work with and adjust these points to enhance healing and well-being.

Infinite Force Healing

Discover your role in the next wave of consciousness evolution as you enter into the realms of Akashic healing. Learn how to restructure consciousness by aligning with the resonant flow for creating healing in every dimension.


An initiation involves experiencing an energy for the first time. Become familiar with different types of initiations from a variety of cultures. Receive those that are most appropriate for you at this time.

Initiatives and Margins Strands of

This class explains, energizes, and creates space for these specific DNA strands to be anchored in the energy body. Learn the ancient names and secret codes of these strands and discover which strands impact your life and which strands will cause challenges to your energy field.

Inner Child Workshop

Explore the effectiveness of inner child work as it relates to adult issues and dis-eases. Learn energetic ways to support this work with your patients and clients so that they can heal their past at a very deep level and step into the NOW.

Inner Peace

Discover the true meaning of inner peace. Examine the wide variety of distractions that interfere with your inner peace and learn to return to that peaceful place inside of you, in spite of what is happening in the world around you.

Inner Work

Examine the difference between healing from the outside-in and healing from the inside out. Explore the dynamics that most commonly occur with deep inner work as you access what is deep inside you. Remember that as you heal yourself, you become a greater conduit for healing.

Inside Shamanism

Explore shamanism from an insider’s point of view. Learn particular practices from various traditions and discover the common threads that unite all traditions.

Instant Healing

Some healings occur over time while others happen in the blink of an eye. Witness and learn how to perform instantaneous healings as you learn to recognize when this approach is appropriate and when it is not.

Integumentary System

Explore the energy of the integumentary system and receive Bio-Energetic tools for shifting this energy into a state of greater health. Learn to recognize how skin energy is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and gain insights into how imbalances in this energy can affect multiple areas of one’s life.

Intelligence and Senses Strands of DNA

This class explains, energizes, and creates space for these specific DNA strands to be anchored in the energy body. Learn the ancient names and secret codes of these strands and discover which strands impact your life and which strands will cause challenges to your energy field.

Intense Healing

Discover the benefits and drawbacks to intense healings as you learn to monitor and adjust your healing sessions to a level that is most appropriate for your individual patients/clients. Receive Bio-energetic tools to increase the intensity of the healings you give with tips on how to pull through healing energy in a way that gets your clients’ attention without completely blowing their circuits.

Intermediate Healing

Expand your healing practice by learning more specific ways to focus and direct energy. Examine the more complex issues that arise as you move further along the healing path.

Introduction to Tantra

Sexual intimacy is the most powerful connection one can have to another person. Learn what the masters do when they make love and discover how to relate on deeper levels with age-old techniques for connecting the spirits.


Planetary consciousness has reached a time snf level where parts of the body can become invisible to the eye and you can choose when to be seen and when not to be seen. In this class you will participate in an inter-dimensional shift that will make your hand invisible. You will learn to access higher dimensions and emanate them in a precise manner—this is the first step of invisibility.

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Guide to teacher certification

The process of acquiring teacher certification for our classes depends on the individual subjects. Prospective teachers are typically required to meet the basic requirement of attending the same class twice (preferably with two different teachers) to demonstrate sufficient content knowledge and competency in the subject matter they teach.

However, some of the more complex classes (e.g Dimensional Mastery) require prospective teachers to undergo apprenticeship for additional training. Certification for these classes is at the discretion of the teacher which go beyond core subject-matter competencies. The intent here is to ensure that teachers demonstrate a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to be certified.