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Data Choice

In the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms, we are bombarded by volumes of information. Learn to choose the data you allow into your energy field and filter out erroneous information and messages that do not serve.

Death as Graduation

Reframe your beliefs about death. Clear negative thoughts and fears and discover supportive ways to help your clients and patients embrace death as a process of life.

Default Choices

Human beings have the gift of free will and yet so many of our choices are made by default as reactions to our life experiences. Learn to empower yourself and your patients and clients by recognizing and clearing old choices made by default.


Denial is an energy that can make us sick and keep us stuck. Learn how to recognize this energy and how to work with your patients and clients to help them break through it in order to facilitate the healing process.


Explore the different types of Devas and learn to connect with them and work with them consciously. Amplify your healing energy as you learn to channel Devas in your healing sessions.


Explore a multi-level approach to clearing the unhealthy energy patterns associated with diabetes. Discover Bio- Energetic healing tools that work well on their own or in conjunction with traditional allopathic methods of treating this disease.

Diarrhea—Energy and Healing

Learn what the shamans and indigenous healers teach about diarrhea and discover where our typical allopathic approach falls short. Learn to recognize the energetic causes for diarrhea and receive energetic tools to shift the body to an improved state of health.

Digestive System

Explore the core issues typically associated with the digestive system as you discover techniques to help clients shift their thoughts and behaviors. Learn to hold the vibrational frequencies necessary to help patients/clients with this disorders of the digestive system clear and repair the disruptions in their energy fields so that the healing process can begin.

Digging Deeper

When examining our issues, needs, and wants, we often just scratch the surface. Receive tools that will enable you to dig deeper to excavate the underlying energies of what you think is going on. This process can be used on yourself and on your patients and clients.


This evening is an adventure in which you will access the seventh, eighth, and ninth dimensions where you will see or sense the aura, connect with information of past lives, and experience spirit guides. Ninety percent of the participants see the aura and past lives within the first thirty minutes of class!

Dimensional Initiations

In the Mayan Curandero tradition, dimensions are places and spaces in the fabric of the universe where specific physical plane laws cease to exist. You will experience the energy of at least 62 of these dimensions in a powerful initiation that will raise your vibration and enhance your healing energy.

Directed Hands-On Healing

Discover the subtle differences of energy put out by the right hand, the left hand, and the individual fingers. Learn the process of allowing your hands and fingers to intuitively direct these energies to where a patient/client most needs healing.


Learn what it means to be at ease with what is going on in your life. Discover how disruptions in this state can manifest as physical disease in the body as you explore the nature of disease.

Divinatory Tools

Learn about a variety of divinatory tools including pendulums, tarot cards, and crystal balls. Discover the secrets to working with these tools and how you can use them to access information that will support the healing process for your patients and clients.

DNA Anchoring Intensive

Explore the chemical and alchemical process of creating the foundational space for restoring the 12 strands of DNA and receive transformative energetic tools to reshape the light body and shift the energy of your patients’/clients’ DNA. Learn methods for deactivating genetic disease patterns and for activating desirable traits that are present but dormant.

Don’t Think, Use Thought

In our society we tend to overthink things—an activity similar to a hamster running in circles on a wheel. Learn to operate from the deeper, more connected state of thought for greater productivity and well-being.

Downloading the Energies of Historical Spiritual Teachers

Did you ever desire to connect yourself to the unique abilities of historical Spiritual Teachers? In this extraordinary class you will get an energetic download of famous historical women and men so that you and your patients/clients can benefit from their energies.


Learn about the four types of dreams and explore the daily blocks and patterns that our dream state uncovers. Learn to incubate dreams and use lucid dreaming to dream about what you choose to know in the conscious, waking state.

Dreams--The Soul Speaking

Our soul speaks to us in our dreams about our life purpose and the path we are on. Learn techniques to better access soul messages for yourself and your patients and clients for improved clarity, direction, and healing.

Drift and Harmony Strands of DNA

This class explains, energizes, and creates space for these specific DNA strands to be anchored in the energy body. Learn the ancient names and secret codes of these strands and discover which strands impact your life and which strands will cause challenges to your energy field.

Droplets and Ws

Learn to create powerful homeopathic remedies using your client’s energy and a few drops of water. Energy serves as a conductor for healing transformation in this effective remedy for addressing core issues.

Dueling Dysfunctionals

Illness and disease can perpetuate for members of a relationship when dysfunctionality becomes a competition. Learn to identify and break this cycle for the improved health and well-being.


Explore the role ego plays in our lives and how it contributes to dis-ease. Discover appropriate and inappropriate expressions of ego as you learn to maintain a stronger connection to your higher self and to Source.

Ego Skating

As healers our goal is to work with clear intentions and yet we can be in our ego without realizing it. Learn to recognize and shift this dynamic in your healing practice for greater success with your patients and clients.

Electro Magnetic Restoration (EMR Certification)

Electro Magnetic Restoration consists of seven specific positions that you as a healer use for your patients/clients. The process restores electric and magnetic pathways in the human energy fields, pathways which can become disrupted by exposure to modern technology and other outside influences.

Elemental Healing

Learn to harness the energies of the elements in your healing sessions. Discover which elements you work best with and which elements work best with specific dis-eases.


Explore the energies of the four elements, earth, air, water, and fire. Learn about the fifth element, ether, as well as the Chinese elements of wood and metal. Discover how these elements affect physical health and healing as you learn to work with their energies.

Emergency Hands-On Healing

Learn powerful hands-on healing techniques that can be done anywhere without medical equipment. Discover new ways to deal with bleeding, broken bones, heart attacks, brain attacks, asthma attacks, and more.

Emergency Medical Kit

Learn about herbs and supplements that are a great addition to any first aid kit and especially good in emergency situations. Discover alternative remedy support for the immune system, the circulatory system, antibiotics, nervous disorders, radiation poisoning, and more.

Emotional Healing

Many disease states are rooted in the emotional body; when you treat the emotions, the physical body heals. Discover how emotional disorders relate to illness and learn specific techniques for a variety of emotional issues including anger, grief, and depression.

Emotional Light

Each of us uses emotions in a variety of ways. Emotions are prime activators of our personal process of enlightenment. Allow lessons in emotions to set you on the fast track of healing and spiritual growth.


Explore the energy of empathy as it relates to the healing process. Distinguish between empathy and sympathy so that you may better support your patients and clients, friends, and family members in a way that empowers them. Most importantly learn to have empathy for yourself for this is crucial to personal healing and spiritual growth.


Explore what interferes with you stepping into your power. As you examine your own self-imposed limitations, you will gain insights that will help empower your patients and clients to be more proactive in their healing.

Endocrine System

Explore the core issues typically associated with endocrine system disorders as you discover techniques to help clients shift their thoughts and behaviors. Learn to hold the vibrational frequencies necessary to help patients/clients with these disorders clear and repair the disruptions in their energy fields so that the healing process can begin.

Energetic Facelift

Learn to give yourself and others an energetic treatment that rejuvenates and tones the skin as well as the spirit. Amazing results are visible instantly with this remarkable technique that is a great addition to any healing practice.

Energy Enhancement

Add richness and depth to your energy field and raise your vibration in the process. This class will boost you to the next level for improved health, well-being, and greater success in your healing practice.

Energy Kinesthetics

Learn how to sense the position, location, orientation, and movement of the energy body. Explore how this information relates to dis-ease and receive kinesthetic methods for shifting the aura.

Energy of Blood Circulation

Learn what the shamans and indigenous healers teach about blood circulation and discover where our typical allopathic approach falls short. Learn to recognize the energetic causes for circulatory dis-eases and receive energetic tools to shift the body to an improved state of health.

Energy of Symptoms

Explore the energy of symptoms and the role that they play as catalyst for change or distraction from healing the core issue. Learn to identify the energy dynamic around a specific symptom as a way to better focus the healing energy you put forth in you sessions with patients and clients.

Energy Physiology

Explore the anatomy of the energy body. Learn to sense imbalances in it and examine how these imbalance relate to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dis-ease.

Energy Techniques to Use with Chemotherapy

Learn energetic ways to support your patients and clients as they heal. Discover methods to ease the process of chemotherapy so that the benefits of the treatment are maximized while the negative effects are minimized.

Energy Techniques to Use with Radiation Therapy

Learn energetic ways to support your patients and clients as they heal. Discover methods to ease the process of radiation therapy so that the benefits of the treatment are maximized while the negative effects are minimized.


Energy flows where the attention goes. This class focuses on the language that primes the energy put forth. Learn to better direct your energy by using the English language to facilitate the manifestation of a reality based on your knowledge of energy.


Explore the core issues typically associated with this disease as you discover techniques to help clients shift their thoughts and behaviors. Learn to hold the vibrational frequencies necessary to help patients/clients with this disease clear and repair the disruptions in their energy fields so that the healing process can begin.

Ether—the Forgotten Element

Ether is the highest element, and is nearest to us, for it surrounds us and is within us. Unlock secrets known by the ancients as you explore the effects of Etheric imbalances on the physical body and learn to work with the element of ether in your healing work.

Exotic Healing Energies

Enjoy a guided tour through the world of miracles, phenomena, and infinite possibilities. Learn unique, strange, and exotic methods practiced by great indigenous healers from around the world.

Facets of Miracles

Like a brilliant diamond, miracles are multifaceted. We so easily recognize the miracles that represent the top face of the diamond and yet we overlook the smaller facets below that bring light to the surface. Discover what you have been missing as you explore the full spectrum of miracles. Expand your consciousness to new possibilities and create space in your life for what, up until now, you could only dream of.

Falling in Love with Yourself

You cannot fully embrace your power as a healer until you learn to love yourself. Explore what distracts you from loving yourself and receive energetic tools to correct erroneous patterning so that you may better connect with the love that you are.

Falling Off the Stage

Falling off the stage is a metaphor for what the ego most fears. Break through the ego to greater spiritual connection as you experience the process of this fall and the risks involved in taking it as a way to freedom and empowerment.


Fear is an acronym for False Energy Appearing Real. Explore how you have handled fear up until now and learn how to shift the energy of fear and use it as a catalyst to propel you forward on your path.

Feedback: God’s Gift for Awareness

Learn to recognize and interpret feedback from the universe for greater clarity in your life. Receive energetic adjustments to heighten your awareness and understanding of the feedback sent to you.

First Light

Connect with the light that is you, the light that is in you, the light in others, the light that sparked creation. Learn to sense this light inside of you and around you.

Firsts Light Healing

This is an advanced healing technique that involves turning matter to anti-matter and anti-matter to matter. You will learn to work with various energetic symbols as you emanate specific vibrations from your heart and third eye, providing your patients/clients with a powerful Bio-Energetic experience.

Five Light Senses

Learn to identify and connect with the charismatic, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, and presence energy frequencies. Explore which particular frequencies work best with specific conditions and which are contraindicated.

Folk Medicine

Discover tried and true folk remedies representing the healing wisdom of generations who successfully cared for their sick in a simple yet effective way. Explore the use of these methods in your current practice as a complement to modern techniques while considering the possibility that often less is more.

Forcing the Issues

Integrate divine timing into your personal life and professional practice as you learn when it is appropriate to force an issue and when doing so will work against what you are trying to create. Consider how the energies of avoidance, distraction, and focused direction come into play.


Forgiveness techniques are an extremely powerful tool every healer should have in his or her toolkit. The energy of forgiveness lifts away diseased cells in the body as well as toxic thought forms. Explore the energy of forgiveness as you focus on the one person most difficult to forgive: yourself.

Foundations of Fame

Many of us desire fame this lifetime and yet we have not built a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual foundation stable enough to handle it. Without that foundation in place, fame can become infamy. Discover the steps that will call fame to you in a way you can handle with grace and ease.

From Control into the Flow

Have you identified and dealt with your control issues? When we act from a place of control, we limit our possibilities and make life into a struggle. Learn ways to let go and enjoy the divinely ordered flow that you are a part of NOW.


In what ways do you sweat the small stuff and why? What purpose does this distraction serve in your life? Make the energy of frustration your ally as you explore the valuable lessons your frustrations offer you.

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Guide to teacher certification

The process of acquiring teacher certification for our classes depends on the individual subjects. Prospective teachers are typically required to meet the basic requirement of attending the same class twice (preferably with two different teachers) to demonstrate sufficient content knowledge and competency in the subject matter they teach.

However, some of the more complex classes (e.g Dimensional Mastery) require prospective teachers to undergo apprenticeship for additional training. Certification for these classes is at the discretion of the teacher which go beyond core subject-matter competencies. The intent here is to ensure that teachers demonstrate a certain degree of spiritual mastery in order to be certified.