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Midwife to the Future

There is a great amount of birthing going on at this particular time and space. We read about the
future as The Earth Changes, Ascension, and E.T. Salvation. No matter how the results to be are
stated and by whom, the future contains: changes that reach backward in time to catch the aware
up in their tears or joy.

I, personally, welcome the future and the changes that it will bring. As I look back in history I notice
that civilization on earth has moved through the chakras. I find comfort and excitement at moving
into the third eye phase of spiritual growth. The throat has been motivating communications of all
sorts that have grown and spread world-wide. The amount of information that I process in a day is
equal to what my great grandparents processed in a year.

Coming to the end of the throat chakra time frame of our spiritual evolution, we are standing to
overlap into the third eye aspect of our spiritual growth. People are learning, quickly. They see
through people in a few seconds, in what took them months to see in the 80’s. People KNOW that
“something” is around the corner and feel a need to know what that “something” is. Awareness is at
record levels and people are asking serious questions that require spiritual answers. We must base
our teaching on love and the dynamics of spiritual growth.

As a midwife to the future, I scream in protest as people who believe that “thoughts create your
reality” run around predicting severe earth changes. As people tell people to charge up their credit
cards to the limit because we will ascend before it is time to pay them back. I shudder. All the
stories which depend upon outside help to give us personal salvation lead us away from doing our
own work and into waiting for something to do it for us.

Yes the future will bring changes. Most of the predicted changes will come true, inside the bodies
and minds of humans. Not on mother earth. Just the knowledge that once again it is time to do our
own work is enough to move consciousness into the third eye chakra. It is time to work spiritually
with our own perceptions and create a reality including the higher dimensions. These dimensions
manifest with love, not disasters and pain for most of humanity. The fear of changes keeps us
outside of ourselves and from our own spiritual work.

The birthing of the reality will have its labor pains. Prophets shout through the mountains of
communications that they know the way. “Follow me if you want to be saved.” (Keep paying my
rent). Channelings from the ethers will speak of rules and who to follow. These will come and go.
New groups and religions that offer the security of structure will shine and then fade. The last bursts
of the throat chakra of civilization will suggest a way for those who do not have the courage to look
inside and find their own way.

The release of breath after each labor pain, as we become one with who we really are, will propel
us into the third eye chakra. The ability to see, think, and hear from the third eye will be given to all
people in a timely fashion. The world as we know it will cease to exist. All people will see auras.
They will have access to the secrets, pains, lies and intentions of everyone they meet. All people will
have access to dimensions that only mystics, masters and prophets could previously call upon.
Manifesting your reality will assume different proportions with everyone seeing everything.
Can you image, everyone knowing when the truth was spoken? The politicians, con artists, and
criminal worlds will all dissolve. Our own rationalizations and intellectualizations will stun us. A shoe
salesman touches a client and knows all there is to know about this person. The unaware will need
guidance to handle the tools and truths of third eye. You, “the teachers of teachers,” will be able to
explain the colors, thought forms and other aspects of third eye energies to the public. You will
become a midwife of energy.

The baby will come into the midwife’s hands bringing as many changes to the world as electricity
did. The reality is changing. Just like a pregnant woman we all have our expectations of what is to
come and how it will be.

Right now the “teachers of teachers” are opening up to the higher dimensions. Throughout the
nation, people in my “Dimensions” classes are learning the 7 th and 8 th dimensions in an hour’s
time. By the end of the class, 98% of the people see auras and/or the past lives of their partners.
They don’t think that it is a big deal anymore. This took years for people to learn a decade ago. This
is a manifestation of the rapid changes in energy that is happening in this time.

After this reality is born, the midwives will have their hands full. Supporting the community in a
multitude of ways, from explaining the energies to aiding the confused. This is going to be one
heaven of a job. The repercussions of the baby’s birth will reverberate throughout the planet, just as
it does a household. We may lost a lot of sleep and be tired as the baby makes its place in our lives.
Yet, the power of a baby to change lives and spark love will be worth it. We will have the changes
and they will be inside our bodies and in our perceptions. We will be old babies seeing the world
through our new eyes, as full of colors and lights that follow intention, thought and deed. The
growth of spirituality as we step into the third eye consciousness will change both our inner and
outer worlds.

Be prepared for the part that you will assume in the up and coming changes. Love the changes and
let’s stop giving Mother Earth those fear based thoughts.

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