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Art Jackson

Art Jackson has had the good fortune to connect with superb teachers. He spent 17 years studying under the great Lakota Medicine Man, Red Eagle, where he learned Indian ceremony and philosophy. Husband and apprentice of Curandera Starr Fuentes , the renowned teacher and healer, Art has dedicated his path to carrying on the ancient and sacred teachings and spiritual traditions from around the world and bringing them to the forefront of modern reality.

After graduating from SWTSU in San Marcos with a Master’s in Psychology and a minor in Biology, Art became an instructor in a Wilderness Camp in East Texas where he established nature and herb walks. Having an affinity with nature leads Art to do things in a simple, gentle way. This provides him with the foundation to make information become knowledge.

Art feels that experience is the best teacher; his classes are hands-on, experienced-based learning. Classes are designed to be fun, challenging, and boundary-expanding. The energy of the group and the physical activity blend to give you “aha!” experiences. For a truly mind-altering experience, try a fire-walk with Art. This ancient practice teaches you to expand your mind and do things you never imagined possible!

client (Demo)

I want to thank you so much for the healing you blessed me with yesterday. What a gift you are to us all. I am particularly impressed by your skill and finesse at charging your audience with self responsibility and full participation. As I promised I want to reiterate my mothers’ story for you. Last year she called me just after you and I met at the Athanor women’s group. She was very upset that her doctor was considering the necessity of open heart surgery. My mother’s blood pressure was quite high and one valve was not fully expelling the blood. I suggested that she should come and see you. She is very resistant to coming to New York but she did. At the evening session you blessed her with the breath of God and she keeled over onto the floor for a while. In the next week she went back to the doctor. He took her blood pressure 5 times on one arm and 3 on the other. It took him that many tries to finally admit that her pressure was way down. I think he said something like, “I guess I have to admit that your pressure is down. I don’t know what you’ve been doing but it’s good.” A few months after that she went again to the doctor. When he checked her pressure it was still much lower and he concluded that it was time to reduce her medication. Which I think has been down since. Thank you Starr for this gift of health to both myself and my mother.

client (Demo)

I just wanted to let you know you are a real genius. I visited you in Casa Alma in 2000. I had just met Manfred with whom I have 4 year old twins now. You said this relationship feels very good and you were right… you had said I would have my own TV-show in 5 years. I thought: “Well, she was wrong here. No TV-show in sight.” While I was on holidays in La Palma last week all England has gone a little crazy. Some TV star of them has said he had his great TV comeback because of my book “The cosmic ordering service”. And now endless requests and several requests for TV-shows on the subject of my first book in England. This is something I wouldn’t have guessed in a 100 years. You are really great in foreseeing things!!!