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The Future

Around the turn of each century, the world as we know it has ceased to exist. Each time a new
harnessed energy was brought forward that eventually changed the life forces of humanity. Last
century electricity, which was always there, was harnessed to be used in a thousand-fold ways in
the succeeding hundred years. If a person from the 1850’s were to appear in the 1950’s, common
household appliances would appear to be the work of master magicians. If a person from the 1950’s
were to look at the current computer technologies, it would also appear that master magicians were
at work.

At this time, the energy that will be harnessed and brought to fruition in the next hundred years is
not apparent to most people. I would like to challenge your paradigm with this option: by the year
2100, 92% of the population will be able to teleport at will. Let’s get to the basics of this option.
There exists certain states of consciousness or levels of vibrations that I prefer to call “dimensions.”
In each dimension, a physical plane law ceases to exist. In some dimensions, new laws make the
impossible possible. Contained in the 144 dimensions are the acts of levitation, invisibility, walking
on water, and teleportation.

These dimensions, much like electricity, have always existed. The ability to harness the dimensions
and the consciousness to use the dimensions for the highest good of all concerned happens when
the group consciousness of mankind has reached a specific state of receptivity.

The dimensions are “caught” teachings, not “taught” teachings. They are passed down through a
lineage of living teachers. What this means is that they must be learned in the presence of a person
who has learned them in the presence of a person who has learned them in the presence of a
person, etc., etc., etc. There are no books that tell you how to access the dimensions. Each person
must be shown.

Several of the steps that lead up to teleportation are invisibility, levitation, and walking on water. I
would like to discuss invisibility in greater depth. Invisibility is in a dimension that bends and
manipulates light to create an illusion that you are not physically present. You cannot be seen.
People see what is directly behind you versus seeing light reflected off you. (You cannot walk
through walls or people. You can still bump your toe, hurt yourself, and need to open the door to
get out of the room. )

Invisibility is taught in stages. In the first stage, the student makes their little finger disappear and
sees parts of the teacher disappear. In the second stage, the student sees and makes their hand,
wrist, and forearm disappear for a fraction of a second, and also sees more parts of the teacher
disappear. The third stage is when the student makes their whole arm below the shoulder disappear
and holds it for several seconds, and experiences the teacher becoming invisible for 30 seconds to
one minute. Once a student has learned to make everything up to the shoulder disappear, total
invisibility is one small step away.

As the mind’s capacity to use recursive infraction of light expands, mankind is only a few short steps
away from teleportation.

In the beginning, as you watch your little finger appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, more
energy is consumed in changing your belief system than is used to actually make your finger
disappear. In the middle, the mind drags out any possibility that opposes invisibility, rather than
destroy a belief system you’ve had all your life. At the end, as you watch your teacher disappear for
several minutes and see the eyes of your fellow students as you disappear, you wonder how
something this easy seemed so impossible for so long.

The teachings of levitation create the third of seven dynamics needed to be able to teleport. This
and the “walk on water” (second of seven) show the body the how to deal with the effects of
gravity. The rest of the seven are also all “caught” teachings.

The breakdown of conscious beliefs (like the world is flat) in a physical plane reality, where group
consciousness has a consensus belief, has large amounts of resistance. I recall seeing an article
from a NY newspaper from the early 1900’s where 100,000 people marched the streets of
Manhattan calling electricity the work of the devil. Fear and lack of understanding create a vortex
where the new and the unknown are judged and dismissed.


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