2818 Park Avenue Hot Springs, AR 71901


Starr’s healing classes are world-renowned. Drawing upon her decades of study with healers, shamans, indigenous doctors and curanderos, Starr creates a sacred space in which she works multi-dimensionally with every student. Many students have reported learning much more from Starr than she was teaching verbally, finding themselves drawing upon her aura, where thousands of healing techniques are stored. Starr calls these her “caught” teachings, available to anyone in her company.

Starr teaches healing to every level of student, from novice to seasoned professional. Her classes are rich in humor, insight, and technical teaching. All healing is taught experientially, and students often find themselves with their hands on someone within the first hour. Starr prepares her classes with extensive printed materials, and is always available for follow-up calls after the class. Currently Starr teaches classes nationally and at her retreat center in Texas, Casa Alma. Classes are available in short or in-depth form, ranging in time from one hour to one month. She frequently does day-long and weekend seminars.