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Starr’s Menu

Healing Wisdom | 7 day

Improve your ability to see and sense the aura and recognize what it tells you. Learn about the energies of each of the body systems and each major organ in the human body. Explore the metaphysical explanations for dis-ease and learn to determine the core issues behind specific illnesses. Receive powerful self-healing techniques that you can recommend to clients or use for your own personal healing. Gain insights into how to deal with problem clients. Receive tips for growing a healing practice and for integrating energy techniques into your traditional allopathic practice.

World Healing Techniques | 5 day

Examine the underlying principles of shamanic healing. These secrets express a core need of humanity and remain as relevant in the field of modern medicine as they were to indigenous medicine men of old. Discover the common threads that link shamanic practices from South America, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Divine Intervention | 11 day

Learn advanced manifestation techniques in this class that deals in the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together hand in hand. Intensive healing techniques will be taught for many ailments, including cancer.

Self-Mastery | 5 day

The way inward and to Source can lead us through a maze, each step of the way causing us to face the parts of self that we have denied, often leading us to confusion. Infuse your healing path with powerful new energy as you learn to step through uncomfortability and discover your truth.

Boundaries | 2 day

Explore how unhealthy boundaries in relationships can manifest as psychological and physical disease. Learn to identify unhealthy boundaries in yourself and others and discover ways to correct this pattern for improved relationships and overall well-being.

Master Processes | 4 day

Selection and combination of processes that elevates your processes.Processing is how the energetic bodies position themselves to create a new belief structure. Processing rids the body of disease, thought forms, old belief systems, blocks, negativity and patterns that no longer serve us. Not only will you process, you will learn to lead processes.

Two Horizons | 7 day

Look back at the horizon behind you, the past you have left behind. Look at who you have been in your relationships—with lovers, mates, friends, and family. Have you been fulfilled? Have you been the person you’ve always wanted to be in relationships? Now look to the future, the horizon before you. What do you want for your life, your relationships? You have a choice: to recreate the past in your relationships, or to take this moment in time and examine your life, take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, learn to be the person you’ve always dreamed of being and prepare yourself for the relationship you’ve dreamed of. Two Horizons is just this opportunity for you to turn the relationships of your dreams into reality.

Mate Magnet | 2.5 day

This is an action-packed, fun-filled, juicy weekend of rituals, preparations, gridwork, and personal growth designed to prepare you for the relationship of your dreams. Pull the weeds out of your failed relationships and plant the seeds for your future ideal relationship. This weekend you will literally call your dream lover and dream relationship into being.

Acts of Intimacy | 1 day

True intimacy involves being vulnerable enough to let others see into you as you truly are. Explore the dynamics of a healthy, intimate relationships as you identify the patterns and blocks that can interfere and cause dysfunction and dis-ease.

Spirit Releasement | 7 day

Occasionally when a person dies, it happens so suddenly that he does not know he is dead and so he remains on the earth plane in a disincarnate form. Or perhaps he knows he died, but misinterprets the bright light of the other side and is afraid to cross over into it. Or perhaps he remains bound to an attachment to something or someone from his life and so does not cross over to the other side. Many disincarnate beings or entities exist on earth. These entities eagerly search for a body to inhabit so that they may continue to enjoy life’s physical pleasures. Entities can also inhabit the physical location (house, land, etc.) to which they were attached in an attempt to maintain ownership of it. Or they may even wander aimlessly in the vicinity where they died, lost and confused, not knowing that they are no longer alive. Discover how to recognize when a person is possessed by an entity and learn a variety of safe techniques to remove entities from people and locations.

Master Your Intuition | 4 day

Intuition is when, through our own sensory apparatus, we pick up feelings, sensations, perceptions, and emotions that are not ours but belong to someone or something else or that are just hanging in the air. Understanding and using your intuition to the fullest extent is an often-times challenging process. Starr will give invaluable insight in this course, stemming from her more than fifty years in the metaphysical community.

Soul Contracts | 2 day

Before we are born, we make a contract with ourselves that includes agreements about how we are going to live, what lessons we are going to learn, and what our purpose will be. Some people contract diseases and suffer accidents as part of their soul contract. Learn to identify when this is the original cause and discover ways to support your patients/clients on their soul path.

Light Language I, II, & III | 8 day

Learn how to realign the chakras, transform the energy field, and recreate one’s reality using the vibrations of color and sacred geometry. This ancient Mayan technique may be done on others as well as on yourself. At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script.

Advanced Torus | 1 day

The torus is shape in sacred geometry capable of working in 144 dimensions for the purposes of healing and transformation. Learn to work with five elements and 108 different toruses as you consider illness and the healing process in a revolutionary new way.

Eternal Mobius | 2 day

The replication ability of the mobius is taken to a whole new level! The Eternal Mobius is a mobius embodying two complete Intermediate Light Language grids constructed of Advanced Light Language shapes and colors and new Sets and Stages specifically for the mobius grids. Manual included.

Grail Magic | 1 day

Unlock the secret of the Holy Grail with this High Magic technique that is especially effective for assisting in the energetic healing of disease and core issues. This healing method can be performed discreetly at a distance without the patient’s/client’s conscious knowledge as long as the practitioner’s intention is aligned with the highest good of all.

Water Magic | 1 day

Water has truly unique properties that offer some amazing potential as a healing tool. This High Magic class will take you through the uses of water in many healing and homeopathic techniques. Learn how to use it in a variety of situations with effect and intention. Starr has had years of experience using water in her energetic healing techniques, and provides great insight into its capabilities as an elemental force.

Enochian Magic | 4 day

Enochian Magic teaches that divinity expresses itself downward from the spiritual world into the material world of time, space and form. This descent results in a graduated series of planes and sub-planes until the lowest expression is reached-the physical world we live in. Learn about these Cosmic Planes of Manifestation, and how you can incorporate them into your life in powerful ways.