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Crystal Specimen K


This crystal is truly unique. It contains multiple shapes covering several configurations.

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There are four, five, six, seven, and eight-sided polygons located on this shape. The four-sided shape is known as The Master of Time. To create; stability, vitality, efficiency, and consciousness use this shape.

Use when you are; facing deadlines, moving, overwhelmed, when you need to be grounded, and when you need to complete or finish something. This shape has four sides and forms a square.

Through the ages magicians have known that squares configure energy. There are at last sixteen magic squares used to create sigils, runes, and symbols for manifestation. The square on a crystal clearly sets boundaries for your intentions and thoughts. The five-sided shape is called the Shaman Spirit and is used to create; transcendence, immunity, power amplification, androgyny, meditation, individuality, and spiritual aspiration. Use this shape when; making decisions, traveling, to surrender, healing, magic, storytelling, and telepathy. This is a five- sided shape. It is a pentagon. The pentagon is associated with the human body and symbolizes human perfection. It promotes ascension to the divine. It is a symbol of human microcosm. The five points representing the body, and when encased with the pentagon bring in immense universal and earthly power. The shaman spirit helps you cultivate patience and tolerance. This shape works well when you are in transition and committed to multiple activities in your life. Using this crystal also fosters discipline and banishes stagnation.

The six-sided shape is known as the miracle shape. It is used to create; the complex, comprehension, change in the material plane, unique experiences, singularity, and holistic health. It also can be used; for harmony, selflessness, empathy, integrity, grace and problem solving. This shape has six sides and is a hexagon. The hexagon amplifies, “ask and you shall receive.” Align your goals, intentions, and actions and this crystal will manifest for the highest good of all concerned. Unconditional love in all realms is strong with the hexagon.

On this crystal’s face we also have a seven-sided polygon. This is called Empowered Divinity, and can be used to create; intuition, connection, relationship, communication, intelligence, and focus. Use this shape when: finding a mate, connecting to higher power, to communicate with celestial beings, increase consciousness, refine your energy, and ease mental illness. This shape has seven sides and forms a heptagon. This crystal teaches a way of life. It empowers forgiveness, gratitude, and well-being. Your ability to connect to the divine plan is amplified by this crystal. Your soul can speak with inner wisdom due to the enhanced communication and connection by this shape. This is a great tool in transcending ego. The crystal we are looking at also contains the eight-sided shape on its face as well. This is known as the Enlightenment shape. Use this to create; harmony between the material and spiritual, wealth, teamwork, success, higher consciousness, and growing awareness.

Use when you are; seeking answers, to reveal the unknown, to embody light, searching for inner and outer knowledge, to avoid drama, and let go of struggle. This shape has eight sides and forms an octagon. The key word is effectiveness with this polygon. This shape resonates as the leader of all forces and the director of most powers. Its advantages are that it shows you lessons before they happen as it equalizes your karma.

This crystal leads you forward on your path and creates first class discernment.


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