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Join Starr each Wednesday at 2:00pm EST for 'Starr Gazing', an exciting weekly program that covers a variety of topics in the metaphysical and spritual community. Each week, Starr opens a wonderful space for discussion with callers, and often special guests. This week, Starr will have C.W. Miller on the program. Visit this site's Radio Station page for more details and a link to stream the show live when it airs.

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Divine Intervention Workshop

01/8-17, 2018 | The Divine Intervention Dome

Divine Intervention may be referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together, hand in hand. As Source intervenes in a situation through a minister or healer, the laws of a larger physics come into play and physical plane laws cease to exist. This two week adventure will enable you to touch people and co-create physical manifestations and spontaneous remissions. Become an instrument of Source that raises the vibration for Source by using specific dimensions and emanating a precise hertz frequency. As each of us advances on our spiritual path, the tools and techniques we use must advance as well. Our methodologies must allow us to touch more people in more effectual ways. With this class, service to others reaches new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection as miracles become a way of life and part of your personal practice. Click here to view a blog written by Starr about this material.
Investment - $6,401.
Email or call (501)609-0660 for more information or to RSVP.


Tantra Workshop

March 15-21, 2018 | The Divine Intervention Dome

Join Master teacher Starr Fuentes and Cedric Delaveau for a powerful 7-day workshop intensive that explores all things Tantra. Whether you are single or coupled, your relationships to your body and your sexuality are keys to a deeper relationship to the universe and all of life. In this intermediate Tantra class, you will learn everything you need to know to take your sexual connections to new levels of ecstasy and oneness.
You will learn how to free yourself by being intimate in a sacred way. As you awaken your passion you will develop a deep trust in your sexuality and profound transformation on all levels of being.
Come and learn The Vital Laws, Electromagnetic Force, 36 Special positions, Essence connection, Silent Communication, The Pleasure Wave, Awakening the Vagina, Healing Sexual Trauma, The Clock, Extended Orgasm, Achieving the Ten Levels of Orgasm, Using all Six Senses in Your Sexual Life, Running Colors for Ecstasy, and more!
Investment - $4,700
Email or call (501)609-0660 for more information or to RSVP.


The Spirit of Master Teaching Workshop

April 4-8, 2018 | The Divine Intervention Dome

The Spirit of Master Teaching is a synthesis of teachings from indigenous shaman masters, motivational masters and spiritual masters.  CW and Starr take the finest teachings from all their masters and present these in this dynamic workshop. 

These teachings are the most profound topics for a master teacher in over 80 years experience.  With mastery, CW and Starr highlight the teachings that have served them the best in their mastery.

Email or call (501)609-0660 for more information or to RSVP.


Springs Summit 2018

5/11-5/18, 2018 | The Divine Intervention Dome

Starr will be hosting for the first time a series of events here in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas titled 'Springs Summit 2018'! This event will consist of morning, afternoon and evening events that are segmented, so you are free to join whatever appeals most to you! All Courses can be attended a la carte. Obtain powerful material covering a wide range of topics, such as:

- Soul Pulling
- Aligning the Mental / Emotional Bodies
- Vows and Cords
- Laying on of Stones
- Electromagnetic Restoration
- Multi-level Magic
- Hands-on Healing Techniques
- Drum making / rattle workshop
- Heart Matters
- Take A Stand - Ground, Center, Focus and Shine
- Drum Circle
- Toning
- A Fire Walk with Art Jackson
- and more!

These events will be hosted by not only Starr Fuentes, but other amazing teachers as well, such as Art Jackson, Zabe Barnes, Andre Beaudoin, Julie Rainwater, DJ Jeter and Pilar De la Luz. Stay tuned here for more details!

Email or call (501)609-0660 for more information.


2018 Light Language Conference

6/15-6/17, 2018 | The Divine Intervention Dome

Join Light Language lineage holder Starr Fuentes and her best and brightest teachers for an exciting weekend of Light and Sacred Wisdom! Learn to communicate at light speed by writing light into specific patterns for profound healing and transformation. Discover how to empower yourself, your clients, your family, and your friends as you raise your vibration and align yourself with your purpose. Passed down for 25+ generations from an unbroken lineage of Curanderos (Mexican Shamans), Light Language is an ancient Mayan system that works with sacred geometry and colored light to reshape the aura and co-create reality.
Many of us have had the experience of working with color to shift our mood or outlook. Light Language takes color therapy to the quantum level, pairing colors with specific shapes that occur repeatedly in nature. These colored shapes are sent out as wordless prayers formed from the building blocks of the universe. The prayers are clear and direct, free of the clouded connotations that words carry, and from this clarity, the universe responds as asked.
You do not have to be a Light Language practitioner to attend the conference. In the past we have had people who were brand new to Light Language attend and get a lot out of joining us.

Stay tuned on Starr's online schedule for a full program of events.

Email or call (501)609-0660 for more information.


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