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Crystal Specimen G


This a master at creating sacred space.

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This crystal contains at least 5 pentagon shapes on its face. This shape is called the Shaman Spirit and is used to create; transcendence, immunity, power amplification, androgyny, meditation, individuality, and spiritual aspiration.

Use this shape when; making decisions, traveling, to surrender, healing, magic, storytelling, and telepathy. This is a five- sided shape. It is a pentagon.

The pentagon is associated with the human body and symbolizes human perfection. It promotes ascension to the divine. It is a symbol of human microcosm. The five points representing the body, and when encased with the pentagon bring in immense universal and earthly power. The shaman spirit helps you cultivate patience and tolerance. This shape works well when you are in transition and committed to multiple activities in your life. Using this crystal also fosters discipline and banishes stagnation.

This a master at creating sacred space.


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