Ultraviolet Light

Add the power of UV light to your Grids!

Join Starr for an in-depth examination on how you can utilize Ultraviolet light in your daily life and also as a tool within Light Language! Ultraviolet light is the best disinfectant and sterilizer for bacteria and parasites on all energetic realms. Similar to how an insect is drawn and trapped by the light, any moving negative or inappropriate thought forms are trapped and removed by the ultraviolet light. The knowledge and techniques provided by Starr in this insightful course can be applied both personally and with clients.

This package is a digital download consisting of a one-hour video course, as well as a beautiful digital course manual. Click here for a video preview of this course.


These packaged video courses are excellent ways to capture the powerful material from Starr's online classes if you weren't able to attend the live event.

Visit the Schedule page in the Participate section to learn about any upcoming live webinars. If you can't attend an event live, don't fret! It will later be available here in the store.

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