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Ego – The Process

There comes a time in spiritual development when we all experience the conflict between the fears
of ego and the power of spirit. As soon as our teachings begin to awaken and inspire us, ego tries to
complicate them, because it knows it’s very existence is threatened. We feel a conflict and often an
energy loss within ourselves as an evolution of “Being” struggles to emerge.

The role of “ego” is a central issue. In the realm of healing and psychic phenomena, could it be our
ego, in ignorance, that creates meaning? Or is it the higher powers? I believe that the ego is not “a
thing.” It is a process . When we begin to look at is as such, a whole new understanding is available
to help us make a spiritual shift.

It would be an easier path to go back to what is familiar. Even a sick life is preferred by the ego to
having to deal with the unknowns. When the pressure is on, the ego retreats into the comfort-ability
of old beliefs and habitual actions, while the Higher Self instinctively moves towards new
experiences. Know that it is the ego causing the fear, the confusion and the struggle. It pushes
against or away from anything it cannot control.

I have used the term “my ego” to refer to the parts of my mind that wants things or does things
that are not for my greatest spiritual good. It is ego that prevents us from truly committing. It is ego
that prevents us from connecting to Source.

Ego wants to keep ” me ” apart from ” us ,” to never truly allow one-ness with others. The ego
keeps a tight grip on its reality, fighting against everyone, living to compare itself apart or separate
from all else. Ego is striving always to be superior. This is not the way to enlightenment.

When we do a good deed selflessly without the slightest consideration of reward, then as a result,
we grow spiritually. If we do that good deed and feel pride or even simply good, it strengthens the
ego. The ways that you can feed spirit and temper ego are:

  • Look for ways to meaningfully serve others, rather than achieve personal gain in doing them.
  • Tell the truth, even if it is embarrassing or ego-shattering.
  • Collaborate in discussions, rather than argue a point; play win-win.
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes or for hurting someone by sincerely apologizing.
  • Genuinely consider, in advance, the impact that your thoughts, words and deeds have on others.
  • Act ethically rather than reacting.

We walk a spiritual path to end the twisted dictatorship of ego. As ego itself is a process, so is
honoring the commitment to Source. No matter what emotions, struggles, dramas or games come
into play, you can make the decision to surrender your ego to the will of your Higher Self.


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