Breast Cancer: Healing Core Issues

A Powerful eBook from Starr Fuentes

In this eBook, Starr Fuentes explores the issue of Breast Cancer from a broad spectrum. It acts to give a general overview of the condition, offering statistical and traditional details about what breast cancer is and how it is clinically treated. In addition, Starr offers material from her own work and experience in helping women look into the core metaphysical issues behind breast cancer. Included are profound processes, exercises and affirmations, as well as a wonderful Core Issues Breast Chart that Starr has previously only made available in the classroom or with private clients.


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"The importance of grounding for healers and anyone on an accelerated personal and spiritual growth path cannot be overemphasized, and often in our busy lives the feet can be neglected. And yet, the feet contain a wealth of information and messages that can serve us on our paths. Gemstones for Foot Grounding contains detailed teachings about the feet and toes and their correspondences to your issues and your life. In this eBook, Starr summarizes her teachings about the feet, crystals, and gemstones in a clear and concise manner, allowing the reader to easily and immediately incorporate the teachings in their life. Read this book to receiving important keys for becoming more grounded on your path, in your relationships, finances, and more."
Selena Rodriguez