Messages from Starr-Volume One

Each week, Starr hosts a service for her congregation here in Hot Springs, Arkansas. These each consist of a unique message pertaining to one perspective or topic. In these topics, Starr utilizes her many years of experience with healing and teaching others to provide invaluable insight. Until now, these talks have been limited to those that are able to attend her services here at the Dome.
Now you can receive Starr's insightful messages in convenient volumes! Each Volume will consist of 6 messages that average about 15 minutes in length each.
In this Volume:

  • Being A Mother
  • Change
  • Easter
  • Moving Patterns
  • Rites of Passage
  • Spiritual Wealth

$5.99 (This item is a digital download, a physical package can be arranged upon request.)

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Starr's packaged video courses are excellent ways to capture the powerful material from Starr's online classes if you weren't able to attend the live event.

For details on all scheduled live webinars, visit this site's Schedule page in the Participate section. If you can't attend an event live, don't fret! It will later be available here in the store.