Fast Track Workbook

Get Out of your own way FAST!

In her 50+ years of working with clients and students of all ages and walks of life, Starr has identified the most common blocks that interfere with their progress and their light. Her Fast Track workbook is filled with penetrating insight and life-changing worksheets, allowing you to gain clarity and fearlessly examine repeating patterns.

In her no-nonsense style, Starr shows you how to:

  • Rescind past and current life vows that keep you stuck.
  • Cut cords with people, places and things that devitalize you.
  • Clear mom and dad 'stuff' so you can choose new behaviors.
  • Work with the eleven Universal Laws most needed at this time.

All these energies are interlaced in an entanglement that is ofen difficult to decipher and unwind. The approach offered in Fast Track allows each energy to be addressed and unwound for greater clarity of purpose. While doing the introspective work, you emerge with a fresh perspective of yourself. These exercises blend to assist you in getting to know yourself at new levels. You learn how to choose to create experiences that are not based on old, outdated programming, thus freeing you to advance at light speed.

Sleep with this book under your bed for better grounding. The next investment is time to complete the work. Invite the energy of truth and accelerate the healing process!

$33.00 - Includes shipping within the United States. International Shipping is additional.

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