Deep Track Workbook

The workbook to clear soul scars

Go Deep.This is the workbook to help you clear soul scars. It includes 30 exercises and practical wisdom to identify soul choices, see when you are making default decisions, help you revise your belief systems and move through what’s preventing you from manifesting.

- Soul Contracts -
A look at the choices your soul make before coming into this incarnation: a profound way to take responsibility for your present reality as you discover the gifts these physical, emotional, mental and spiritual choices off in the flowering of your full, divine potential.
- Density and Destiny -
How to fulfill your destiny and live your purpose in this lifetime.
- Default Directions -
Explores the ways we disempower ourselves by reacting to the will of others instead of standing in our truth.
- The Power of a Pattern -
Excavating and clearing patterns that get in your way.
- Beliefs -
Identifying and shifting beliefs that interfere with growth at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of development.
- Manifestation -
Keys to success: bringing your dreams info physical plane existence.
- Seven Universal Laws To Expand Your Conscoiusness -
Energies that affect us all and how to live in harmony with them.


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